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COVID-19 Help


Supporting businesses through the Covid-19 crisis

Since the Covid-19 outbreak hit the UK in March 2020 bringing our economy to a relative standstill, hundreds of thousands of successful businesses had the rug pulled from under their feet. Most businesses simply do not have the cash flow reserves to withstands weeks and months without trade. Government concessions are helpful – if you can get them – but for many directors and sole traders, the fundamental aspect getting them through this crisis is cash flow support.

So how can we help?

We’re assisting companies and finance providers in two key ways. Firstly, we’re helping with sales ledger collections in order to keep the money coming in. Secondly, we’re acting on behalf of clients to provide their credit control processes to ensure the accounts receivables are in full working order. At a time when lots of finance teams and credit control staff are on furlough – possibly yours and/or your client’s – getting invoices sent and paid is a time-consuming and often futile process. Emails are bouncing back and letters through the door are not getting picked-up while business premises are empty.

Contact us today for more information on how we can hand-hold your business through the coronavirus crisis to ensure cash flow is protected throughout this downtime.

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The Business Debts Recovery Process

1. Understanding

We strive to understand why the debt is not being paid and learn about your business and your customer.

2. Expertise

We ask the right questions, find the right person, and get to the root of the matter quickly and effectively through proven techniques.

3. Results

We recoup either the full amount owed or as much as we can – whilst maintaining client relationships wherever possible.

More about C-19 Support

We appreciate that trying to collect outstanding monies to assist dwindling cash flow, while showing forbearance with those who cannot pay, is a tricky conundrum; particularly when you have customers that have become friends through years of trading together.

And so, this impasse might represent an opportunity to get your own house in order. Consider using this time to review your credit accounts (starting with key accounts). Do you have correct contact details? Is their address still accurate? Does the email address provided still work and receive a response? When was their credit limit last reviewed? When was this communicated to the company? Is your sales data GDPR compliant?

Another major advantage of taking this time to do a little housekeeping is that it presents an ideal opportunity for businesses to review and update your own terms and conditions if necessary and to ensure that these are sent out again to all customers.

We’re currently assisting a number of businesses with credit control reviews so that they can hit the ground running again in the near future – ask us how we can help you.

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