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Single/Multiple Invoice Recovery


Single/Multiple Invoice Recovery

In addition to longstanding working relationships with businesses and lenders, we also provide ad-hoc services for debt collection, including single invoice recovery and also multiple invoice recovery. Our clients include businesses of all sizes across a range of sectors from small start-ups to multinational corporates, the big banks and specialist funders, asset-based lenders, insolvency practitioners, and other assorted providers of finance.

If you’re struggling to collect monies owed of at least £5,000 – whether it’s a single invoice or across a number of invoices – contact us today to find out how we can help. At Business Debts Recovery, our team of seasoned professionals specialise in pre-legal debt recovery which means we take the time to understand your business, understand your client, and find a way to resolve the debt by asking the right questions to obtain the funds that are due.

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The Business Debts Recovery Process

1. Understanding

We strive to understand why the debt is not being paid and learn about your business and your customer.

2. Expertise

We ask the right questions, find the right person, and get to the root of the matter quickly and effectively through proven techniques.

3. Results

We recoup either the full amount owed or as much as we can – whilst maintaining client relationships wherever possible.

More about Single/Multiple Invoice Recovery

Single invoice debt recovery is an essential service for many businesses; particularly where they are reliant on one client or a specific job or contract. If you have sent an invoice that is well past its due date and the value of this unpaid invoice is causing serious cash flow problems, our specialist team can help you today. It’s common for our clients to exhaust their usual methods of debt recovery and for it to fall on deaf ears; but we can guarantee fast and effective results.

We don’t send bailiffs, we don’t send legal letters, and we don’t enforce debts by knocking down doors. We have a highly skilled team who deliver exceptional results for our clients through proven techniques which can also maintain the working relationship between you and your client where appropriate.

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