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Sales Ledger Collection


Sales Ledger Collection

A proven track record is the best way to demonstrate our strength and depth of expertise in sales ledger support. Our clients include businesses of all sizes across a range of sectors from small start-ups to multinational corporates, the big banks and specialist funders, asset-based lenders, insolvency practitioners, and other assorted providers of finance.

If cash flow is the life blood of any business, the sales ledger represents the heart and if the flow of payments grinds to a halt, that’s when cash flow problems can become terminal.

We’re enlisted by businesses to help recover unpaid debts including historic invoices that have been chased to no avail. We regularly recover invoices in full for our corporate clients, and can also provide a range of invoice finance solutions if you need to get paid within 24 hours.

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The Business Debts Recovery Process

1. Understanding

We strive to understand why the debt is not being paid and learn about your business and your customer.

2. Expertise

We ask the right questions, find the right person, and get to the root of the matter quickly and effectively through proven techniques.

3. Results

We recoup either the full amount owed or as much as we can – whilst maintaining client relationships wherever possible.

More about Sales Ledger Collection

We are also regularly appointed by banks and asset-based lenders who are concerned about their loan exposure and would like us to carry out a sales ledger review on their client. Our team can analyse the most complex ledgers and assess debt verification to ensure a lender has the full picture and can make informed decisions.

Another area of expertise that we specialise in is working with insolvency practitioners to enhance realisations through sales ledger collections. It can often be a thorny and complex area of debt recovery – and evidence is sometimes in short supply if a business has been in disarray for some time – but with successful cases comprising hundreds of insolvency-related appointments, we are highly skilled and experienced in assisting IPs to maximise the recovery value in an insolvency or turnaround situation.

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