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Credit Control


Credit Control

Swift credit control services can help nourish a business by boosting cash flow, which is a sign of a well-managed organisation and is what we strive to provide for our clients.

Highly skilled and exceptionally driven, our team of credit control experts can help you get to grips with the way you send invoices, chase payments, store data, handle disputes, and take further action. We work with businesses and lenders to help reduce their exposure to bad debts and ensure effective processes are put in place to prevent it happening again.

Our fully outsourced credit control management services are used by businesses of all sizes and across a wide range of sectors. Choosing to outsource your credit control can feel like a major leap of faith, but with tailored solutions for every business, the investment in reshaping your finance processes will not take long in producing dividends.

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The Business Debts Recovery Process

1. Understanding

We strive to understand why the debt is not being paid and learn about your business and your customer.

2. Expertise

We ask the right questions, find the right person, and get to the root of the matter quickly and effectively through proven techniques.

3. Results

We recoup either the full amount owed or as much as we can – whilst maintaining client relationships wherever possible.

More about Credit Control

We’re currently assisting a number of businesses with credit control reviews so that they can hit the ground running again following the coronavirus shutdown. Many businesses have existing credit control processes that just aren’t working and with staff on furlough in many finance teams, invoices are not being sent out and the ones that have been sent are not being received. This is where we can add real value to businesses and lenders; it’s a good opportunity to completely review your credit control and ensure it’s working effectively once trading recommences. We tackle the root of underlying credit control issues by working closely with clients to critically analyse the process of raising invoices in the run-up to the due date, and their process of recouping the money from that point.

We also provide in-house credit control training which will resume once the UK lockdown measures are fully relaxed. If your current credit control processes are failing, it’s time to refine these processes so that you get paid on time – every time.

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