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HMRC Support

About HMRC Support

We have a specialist HMRC Support department within Business Debts Recovery which helps our clients who are struggling to meet tax liabilities as and when they fall due. This is particularly prevalent in the wake of the coronavirus outbreak which has seen businesses locked down across the country and trade grinding to a halt whilst overheads remain.

We specialise in Time To Pay arrangements which enables businesses – both companies and sole traders – to enter into a payment plan with HMRC in order for tax arrears to be paid through a series of affordable instalments based on your income and expenditure. These arrears are commonly VAT, Corporation Tax, PAYE, and Self-Assessment. Setting up an affordable Time to Pay (TTP) arrangement with HMRC could help ease some of the financial strain on your company during these challenging times.

If your business is in arrears with HMRC and would like assistance in creating a more palatable payment plan to provide cash flow breathing space, our specialist team can be contacted at

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